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Frequently Asked Questions - Get Answers.

What is your turn-around time?
We send the repair Estimate by email within 1-3 Business days after receiving your laptop. Once a repair is authorized we see a typical 1-2 day completion and testing time on a repair. If a part is required which is not in our vast in-house stock of parts, up to 7 days can be added to the repair time as we need to order the needed part(s).

What kind of repairs can you perform?
Since we are able to perform board level repair on some laptops, there is not many problems we cannot handle. Of course, some systems require parts which are not available anymore or components such as surface mounted chips which may not be replaceable. Some common problems we encounter and repair each day are dark or white displays, systems that donít power on or turn on then immediately off, cannot charge batteries or similar problems. We also perform more basic repairs such as display or keyboard replacements, for example.

Can I get a repair quote before sending in my laptop?
This is a question we are asked almost daily. Because we donít know what is happening inside of your laptop without taking it apart it is difficult for us to give you a firm repair quote. A blank screen, for example, can be caused by a bad bulb. It can also be caused by a bad inverter, LCD cable for, in some instances, a faulty motherboard. We do our best in giving estimates by email or by phone, but these are just that - estimates based on an average price of what it takes to repair a particular problem for a particular laptop model as described to us.

Can I just walk-in to your Office?
All our customers are equally important to us. As they come from across the States, therefore we donít give priority to local work ahead of other work. So while we would warmly welcome you, we would not give your work any preference as compared to other non-local customers.

Is Laptop Repair Estimate Free?
Yes, diagnosis fee is free, if you choose to complete the repair.

Didn't received estimate email from us?
Please check your inbox is not full (and therefore rejecting our message). Please also check your ĎSpamí folder or ĎJunk emailí folder to make sure that our message has not been filtered out. You can also contact us if you are concerned you have missed our response.

Have a question that you didn't see in our FAQ?

Send us your questions or comments through our Contact page and we'll do our best to help you as soon as possible.

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Since 2007, Laptop Geniuses has specialized in repair services for Desktop Computers and Laptops. We work on all windows based PC's regardless from where you bought it. Our services range from simple upgrades and repairs to custom desktop, computer builds and complex installations. We offer flat-rate pricing so there's never any unexpected charges.  Repairs can be completed in as little as 48 hours or less for no extra costs and we have emergency next day service for businesses and home consumers. 
We are open 6 days a week and offer both onsite or drop-off repair services.

No appointments  necessary,  we are open Monday to Fri so please call Us 253-735-2710.


Established in 2007.It was my lifelong vision to do something positive that impacted the lives of young people in a positive way. So with that goal in mind I combined my two passions for Desktop computers and Laptop Repair, and established Laptop Geniuses.

About Business

We started Laptop Geniuses in December 2006 in Kent, Washington. Since then we have relocated to Auburn
West Valley Highway, Auburn Downtown and now recently 4058 Auburn way North WA.

It was my lifelong vision to provide a place for people to go and Fix their Computer at a very low price with peace of mind .We love to help our customers especially Old Citizens. Almost 10 years later, thanks to our loyal customers and community support we are here and still going strong.
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